Every. Word. Counts.

Conversation DesiGN



Every. Word. Counts.

Conversation DesiGN


Tom Hewitson is a writer and product designer based in London, UK. 

He has helped some of the world's most iconic brands to find their voice and communicate with impact. 

He works with start-ups, brand-led businesses and specialises in conversation design.



Whether it's an onboarding flow, email marketing campaign or redesigning your entire IA, I've solved a wide range of content challenges for businesses large and small.



I'll use content to test product-market fit and uncover opportunities.



I'll frame your proposition to resonate with customers, investors and talent.


DESIGN experiences

I'll use storytelling to help designers explore and perfect the user journey.



I'll develop a pitch-perfect tone that brings your brand to life.



I'll find a name that supports your current and future goals.


TRAIN Your Team

I'll show your employees how to use content to achieve their goals. 



I started my career as a journalist researching candidates in the 2010 election for the Daily Telegraph in London. I soon realised that I was more technically minded than most journalists and that my passion lay in developing new content formats and exploring the new opportunities that digital has to offer for writers. 

I transferred to the SEO and digital operations team where I worked on an early monetisation strategy using editorially vetted affiliate links to allow users to buy products directly from the Telegraph's reviews.

After helping with the successful launch of a website redesign I decided it was time to take a well-deserved break and to fulfil a life-dream of travelling to Asia. 

During my six months in Asia I regularly wrote about my travels and volunteered at the Phnom Penh Post (the leading Cambodian national newspaper) where I led a complete overhaul of their digital publishing process and trained local staff on how to write for the web.

I then continued to Australia where I freelanced for the online political website and email newsletter Crikey and sub-edited at the well-regarded Government magazine. 

When I returned to the UK I became a Digital Editor at Lonely Planet and was responsible for the quality and accuracy of the 6000 online destination guides. 

I became the editorial point person for the cross-functional team tasked with opening up a new online revenue streams. The experiments we ran led to a complete redesign of Lonely Planet's online proposition and I was put in charge of a content team tasked with making it happen. 

My time working in the cross-functional team introduced me to the world of product development and once the new website was built I decided I wanted to take it to the next step by founding a travel-related start-up. 

Running a start-up required more skills, adaptability and resilience than I could ever have imagined. In the end, we couldn't secure the investment needed to make the product a reality and the journey had to end.

Having exhausted all my savings and borrowed more than I should, I turned to contracting to earn money while I worked out what to do next. 

This led me to the Money Advice Service who were about to upgrade their retirement content in response to major pension reforms announced by the government. I redesigned their entire  offering while partnering with subject matter experts to ensure that the advice met it's legal mandate.

During this time I developed the concept of the 'iceberg' content strategy as a way for organisations with large amounts of content to meet a large number of use cases while keeping the core user journey simple. This proved so successful I ended up running a seminar on it at govcamp 2015.

Just a few weeks later I got a message out of the blue inviting me to lunch at Facebook where I was asked if I'd be interested in joining as a content strategist.

The opportunity to work on problems that affect billions of people was something I couldn't pass up and working with the largest content strategy team in the world was a dream come true.

During my time there I worked as an internal content consultant supporting a series of teams to ensure their products aligned with the overall Facebook voice. As well as keeping terminology tight and briefing the translation teams I worked closely with Product Designers to make sure the end user would instantly understand new features and why they should use them.

I soon realised, however, that this challenge applies even more to start-ups that are still trying to win their first fans. My entrepreneurial side was reawakened and I was keen to return to working in a less defined role so I decided try start-up number 2. 

I've now been running labworks.io (my product design consultancy) for almost a year and I've already worked with some great clients. I'm just in the process of making my first hires and I'm hoping become the go-to agency in London for content and conversation design work.


I also run London's largest monthly content meetup called The Lab. Previous sessions have included how to use design thinking and harnessing user research to create content.

If you're interested in content why not come and meet the group?



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