Every. Word. Counts.

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Every. Word. Counts.

Conversation DesiGN


Tom Hewitson is a freelance conversation designer based in London, UK. 

He has created chatbots and voice assistants for some of the world's most iconic brands. 

He works with start-ups, brand-led businesses and agencies. He was recently listed as #9 in '100 Bot People to Watch' by Chatbots Magazine.



Whether it's training a machine learning model, defining algorithmic behaviour or designing conversational interactions, I've solved a wide range of chatbot design challenges for businesses large and small.



I'll use rapid prototyping and research to test product-market fit and uncover opportunities.



I'll frame your bot's proposition to resonate with customers, investors and talent.


DESIGN experiences

I'll use storytelling and UX techniques to create a user journey that's engaging and authentic.



I'll create high-quality NLP training data so your bot works from day one.



I'll develop a pitch-perfect tone that brings your chatbot to life and supports you brand.



I'll help you find a name for your bot that supports your current and future goals.





I started my career as a journalist for the Daily Telegraph in London. I soon realised that my passion lay in exploring the new opportunities that digital has to offer for writers. 

After helping with the successful relaunch of the Telegraph website I left to fulfil a life-dream of travelling to Asia. 

While there I led a complete overhaul of the Phnom Penh Post digital publishing process and trained local staff on how to write for the web.

Upon returning I joined Lonely Planet, becoming responsible for all of its 6000 online destination guides. 

I was embedded in a cross-functional team tasked with redesigning their online proposition and finding a new digital-based revenue model.

After successfully creating a new strategy and managing the editorial team that fulfilled it, I wanted to take it to the next step by founding my own travel-related start-up. 

Unfortunately, after six months we realised, we weren't going to able to secure the investment needed to make the product a reality.

I turned to contracting, working for the Money Advice Service (a quasi-governmental organisation promoting financial behaviour change). 

I redesigned their entire retirement offering while partnering with subject matter experts to ensure that the advice met it's legal mandate.

I also worked with the world-renowned Behavioural Insights Team as well as leading academics from UCL to create experiences that nudged users into more responsible financial behaviours.

During this time I also gave a talk on a new content strategy approach I had devised that was well received in the content strategy industry.

A few weeks later I got a message inviting me to lunch at Facebook where I was asked if I'd be interested in joining as a content strategist.

While there, I was embedded in several product teams working on increasing the amount users share more on the platform that eventually led to the launch of various 'Stories' products.

During my time there I was lucky enough to sit in on some sessions with the team designing Facebook M and instantly saw the potential for a whole new class of tech products where words were the primary interface.

I realised that every company would want a chatbot and that they'd need someone to design it. Being a writer with experience in UX and product development I knew I was well placed to provide it so I decided to leave and start my own consultancy doing chatbot design.

Since the start of 2016 I've designed bots for clients ranging from small startups to billion dollar companies and the UK government. 


London Messaging Bots

I also run London's largest monthly bot meetup called London Messaging Bots. Previous sessions have involved talks from Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon plus some of the coolest startups around.

If you're in London and interested in bots why not come along to the next one?

Alternately, if you're interested in doing a talk please drop me a message below.



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